Things to know before you go

Do I need to bring a ticket?

You do not need to print out or bring a ticket.  We use a digital ticket.  After you order your tickets we will send you a confirmation email.  It is important that you read this email and ensure that the information is correct.  as long as the Name, Date, number of people and location is correct then we will have your name on a manifest at the door so all you have to do is remember your name to get in.

Will I get better seats if I show up early?

It doesn't matter when you show up.  Seats are determined ahead of time based on when you bought your ticket.  Getting there early will not get you a better seat.

Is there parking, can park in the hotel parking lot?

We have ample parking at both locations and at both locations you can park in the Hotel parking lot.  There are a few exceptions per year.  A few days a year parking can be a little more difficult.  Days like the 4th of July, memorial day other major Holidays and certain events like Bike week and Jeep week in Daytona.  On these days parking will still be available but you may have to park a little further away from our location.

Is there a dress code?

Not any different than other normal restaurants.  Both of our locations are inside in the air conditioning and can be chilly at times.  That said flowery Aloha attire is encouraged.  We love that.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

No.  Both of our locations sell out regularly so we highly recommend not showing up at the door looking for tickets.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours before the scheduled start of the show.  Within 24 hours you may not cancel or modify your order for any reason.  If you order 25 tickets and show up at the door with 24 we will not refund that last ticket.  If you order from an outside vendor you will you will need to adhere to their policy which is always at least as strict as our and may be more so. 

Is the tip included in my ticket?

No.  We do not include tips in our ticket price.  If you choose to tip your server just leave it on your table or include it on your bar tab.

Are drinks included?  

At both locations non alcoholic drinks are included free of charge and alcoholic drinks are available for purchase.   There are a few select non-alcohic drinks which may also have a charge.

What if I have a food allergy or other dietary restrictions?

We do not offer special menus outside of our normal menu.  On this site we have menus listed and each item will list beside it if it is Gluten free or Vegetarian.   No peanut oil is used in either of our menus.  However we have a commercial kitchen and cross contamination is possible

additional questions, please contact us at 843-424-1978